Viet Vang – The Transformation Journey From Outsourcing Company To The Peak Of World Technology
With more than 10 years of experience, Viet Vang has affirmed its position in the field of information technology as an expert providing diverse services: from design, development, maintenance of systems; and discover website development with important attention to SEO and security; Japanese improvements, with the ability to quickly edit, expand the operation.
Not stopping at creating quality products, Viet Vang is also proud of more than 200+ completed projects both domestically and internationally. such as Japan, Germany, etc. to prove their ability to fully meet the requirements of the business, to bring solutions on time and with quality.
Viet Vang’s goal is not only to be an outsourcing company, but also to build an elite IT company that overcomes all barriers and puts its name beyond the expansive national borders and commitment. In the end, Viet Vang is proving that they can make dreams come true – step by step, project by project, towards the goal of becoming a leading name in the world technology industry.


Viet Vang has made a strong mark through more than 250 successful projects across many different business fields. This proves that they are constantly seeking and learning from challenges, bringing real value to customers. This company not only focuses on results, but also lays the foundation for the process of building long-term relationships with partners.
By continuously innovating and applying cutting-edge technology to deliver technology solutions, we are seeking to stay ahead of industry trends and developments.
Hình ảnh mô tả sứ mệnh mà công ty Việt Vang đã ghi dấu ấn
Hình ảnh mô tả tầm nhìn mà công ty Việt Vang đưa Việt Vang ra khỏi khái niệm Công ty gia công phần mềm


Bringing Vietnam’s software industry to the world

Bring Viet Vang company out of the concept of Outsourcing company and turn Viet Vang into a world-class elite IT company.



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    Hoàng Hải Triều
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    Th.s Từ Hậu Kế Nhã
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    Trần Thanh Luân
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    Nguyễn Thu Thủy
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    Minh Quang Trần

Hoàng Hải Triều
General Director


[English] I have 3 targets.
1. To develop IT products/services that satisfy customers.
2. To teach all employees about IT (development, design, IT project management) based on my over 10-year experience, to DEVELOP more and more excellent employees who are superior to me.
3. To bring VietVang out of so called Vietnam IT offshore development company and transform it into a world class excellent IT company.
[Vietnamese] Tôi có 3 mục đích.
1. Tạo ra các sản phẩm IT làm thỏa mãn khách hàng.
2. Truyền đạt các kinh nghiệm về Phát triển, Thiết kế, Quản lý dự án IT cho các nhân viên dựa vào hơn 10 năm kinh nghiệm của bản thân để từ đó tạo ra thật nhiều các nhân viên xuất sắc, ưu tú hơn bản thân thôi.
3. Đưa công ty Việt Vang ra khỏi khái niệm Công ty gia công phần mềm và biến Việt Vang thành một công ty IT ưu tú tầm cỡ thế giới.


+ PM: 5 year(s)

+ SE: 4 year(s)

+ PHP: 1 year(s)

+ Java: 2 year(s)

+ Network: 3 year(s)

+ DB: 2 year(s)

+ Languages: English: Pro, Japanese: Pro, Vietnamese: Native

+ Other: Table tennis: Semi pro, Golf: 125 Guitar, Piano: Amateur

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