5 common IT misunderstandings that most businesses make.

By the way, some of my friends do business and ask me about IT, plus from time to time I read somewhere online something like “In what era are businesses still using Gmail?” Now I would like to summarize a few ideas that I find popular for everyone to refer to.

5 common IT misunderstandings that most businesses make.

  1. It is safer to build a server inside the company by yourself than to hire an external Cloud.

Reason: Basically, there is no absolutely safe way. So when we say “safe”, we are talking about probability, or about the possibilities that can cause information loss.

If you hire an external cloud, there is a risk that the cloud company’s employees will “steal” your information, but think about it, there are thousands of companies that rent servers, so if that employee steals, they will choose a big, hot company. , sensitive, but far from my company. On the contrary, the probability of their own employees “stealing” company information and leaking it out is even higher.

And another thing is, renting a cloud means they have better and more professional anti-hacking skills, but building the server and managing it yourself is far from being able to prevent hacking as professionally as those decent cloud companies. specializes in that profession.

  1. Using gmail is not professional.

This is a very misconception. Gmail is currently very good, even the free version, the spam email filtering function is also quite good. The capacity is also plenty, and especially rarely encounters errors. As for self-hosted email, it’s okay if you encounter a good email-server provider. If you encounter a bad email provider, you will encounter all kinds of problems in the world that cause receiving and sending emails to sometimes be interrupted, not to mention the possibility of email is also higher than when using Gmail.

That’s it, so you don’t have to use email with the domain name of your company.

  1. Email and Facebook accounts are easily hacked.

Never have it. If you comply with “don’t enter passwords on fake pages”, “don’t send OTP codes to outsiders”, “don’t lend your phone to strangers because they will take advantage of the OTP code”, then basically Facebook and email It’s very difficult to hack.

Of course, you try to create a password that is a bit difficult, but the password is 12345, and then abcde will be hacked sooner or later.

  1. A good website will run stably for a long time.

Completely wrong. A website, especially a web with many management functions, no matter how well coded, needs maintenance. The reason is that a website is all written on the basis of using “raw materials” such as Programming Language, Database, Web-container (web server), …. but these “materials” are created by other “materials”, etc. So when people discover a certain “problem/hole” in a certain “material”, immediately the products created by that Material are affected, and need editing.

In short, If a website / system of your web is running stably for a long time without any maintenance, then please understand that the website “has a hole”, “has a problem” and fortunately has not been affected. Hackers take advantage, but there is NO problem.

  1. Software products are created mainly thanks to PROGRAMMERs

This is the most harmful concept, which even many people in the IT profession, if not paying attention, are misinterpreting.

In fact, software products are created the same way a house is created, that is, through the steps 1. Conceptualization, 2. Basic design, 3. Detailed design, 4. Programming , 5. Testing and fixing.

In all these 5 steps, “programming” only plays the role of 1 step, and if not a bit “common”. In fact, the “Design” work (basic and detailed) usually costs 2 to 3 times more than the “programming” work. The people in charge of this “design” work are not called “programmers” but “information technology engineers”.

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Hoang Trieu.

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