Brain Works

Brain Works is the first Japanese company in Vietnam specializing in consulting and supporting management, business establishment and business combination in the period of time.
Our company has been supporting the cause of Vietnamese and Japanese companies for more than 4 years now.


A Japanese IT company in Vietnam
With my company, I have cooperated on many projects for more than 4 years since my company was established


Tan Co is a prominent iron and steel trading company in Vietnam with close links with the Vietnamese government
Tan Co and other companies use the business management system developed by my company to support the development of my company’s business… in Hanoi.

Kimquan EDV System

Kimquan EDV System was originally my company’s business partner with German customers
Our company did 2 projects together in 2016 and will continue to cooperate more in the future

Batavia incuvation

Batavia Incuvation is a Japanese company operating consulting and investment in Vietnam. Not only a system development project with a company in the same industry, but also a business partner in many other fields besides IT such as educational work development.

Ho Chi Minh City Technical Pedagogical University

University of Technical Education is a prestigious national school in practical education with the goal of vocational training, not just knowledge in many professions such as IT, electronics, and mechanics.
Each year receives interns from the university and supports student education.

Techno Project Company, Vietnam branch

The Japanese company specializes in providing software systems used in hospitals and especially the connection system between hospitals of the same and different levels.
Currently, the company’s Mame-Net system connecting hospitals and clinics has been widely applied in Nghe An Province, Vietnam.