Workflow of 1 Br-SE (bridge engineer) for daily communications on the project

1. Read the customer contact carefully.

1-1. If you understand, confirm with the customer that you mean “xxxxxxx”, yes, let me work with the Technician. Go to step 2.

1-2. If you don’t understand, go ask Mr. Trieu what the customer means.

1-2-1. If Mr. Trieu also understands, then after listening to the explanation, go back to step 1-1.

1-2-2. If you ask and Mr. Trieu gives up, then go back and ask the customer.
“What are you saying here I don’t understand, are you referring to this, that? can you explain it more carefully for me”. And go back to step 1.

2. Explanation to Engineer.
2-1. If the engineer understands and does it right away, then wait for the engineer to finish, upload the test server, and then notify the customer. Go to step 3.

2-2. If the engineer says this, please explain again, ask abcd something again, explain again, report back to the customer. Then go back to step 1.

3. Wait for the customer to check and report the results to the Engineer.

3-1. If the customer is OK, then notify the engineer to upload it to the real server and notify the customer. Go to step 4.

3-2. If the customer tests NG, return to step 1.


4. Save some necessary information on Backlog for future reference.

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