Product Features

Do you have a cinema cluster or a chain of cinema clusters, you need a stable and efficient software that comes with constantly changing promotions as well as a flexible fare policy, Etc- CINEMA helps you with that.
This Cinema Management Software Solution offers you various options:
Movie ticketing software
Software to sell popcorn
Software for Bowling
Management Web page, allowing administrators to conveniently customize all functions of the software
In addition, this software package has special functions for general counters. Here users can customize the function definition of the stall they intend to sell (Milk tea, popcorn, Coffee, ….). Users are fully proactive when business activities change
The software has been deployed to the Starlight cinema chain in Da Nang, Hue, Buon Ma Thuot, Quy Nhon, Bac Lieu and Bao Loc (Each cluster has 4-6 cinemas)
We will continue to expand the implementation of this Cinema Management software to other customers in the future
Hình ảnh mô tả giao diện rạp chiếu phim

Some interfaces on the main screens of VV CINEMA

Home screen

Login screen

Hình ảnh mô tả giao diện rạp chiếu phim

The screen shows the diagram of the cinema

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