VV POS – The perfect payment solution for restaurants

With VV Pos – help restaurant owners, coffee shop owners to solve financial management problems, service staff management, product statistics, revenue checks, … the choice helps restaurant owners, restaurant owner, … manage your business easily.

Hình ảnh mô tả sản phẩm Việt Vang POS

Provides key problem solving functions


  • Order food via personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Direct printing to Kitchen/Water dispenser/Barbecue…
  • Print payment receipt.
  • Sales statistics by day
  • Revenue statistics by each waiter (including tip management function).
  • Statistics by best-selling product/product group
  • The function of buffet dishes, self-selected spices, helps the waiter to write down the guests’ own requests that are not on the menu.
  • Multi-language function (Vietnamese/English/German).
  • Chức năng đa ngôn ngữ (Việt/Anh/Đức).
  • The function of initializing funds in the safe and managing withdrawals from the safe.

The software used needs at least the following devices:

1 Computer (PC, Laptop, Pos)

1 thermal printer.

Some interfaces on the main screens of VV POS

The main screen of the touch screen food ordering

Food management screen

Screen on Android device

Some pictures of customers

Pizza shop in Bonn

Bourlevard Café in Düsseldorf

Brasserie restaurant in Unna

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